"Moreover, the Lord spoke unto Moses saying: Take thou also unto thee principal spices

of pure myrrh...of sweet cinnamon...of sweet calamus...of cassia...and of olive...and thou

shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the

apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil."

EXODUS 30:22-25 According to the translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests and physicians were using oils thousands of years before the time of Christ. 

There are 188 references to oils in the Bible. In Exodus God gives Moses the formula for "an holy anointing oil" (Exodus 30:22-25). Some of the precious oils which have been used since antiquity for anointing and healing the sick are frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, hyssop, cassia, cinnamon, and spikenard. Biblical prophets recognized the use of essential oils as a protection for their bodies against the ravages of disease. There were three wise men (magi) who brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child.

Clinical research now shows that frankincense and myrrh are two of the most powerful immune-stimulating substances available, containing very high amounts of immune- stimulating properties. Perhaps the three wise men were wise in ways beyond our knowledge.

Young Living Essential Oils is helping to restore this ancient knowledge to our modern world.

EZEKIEL 47:12 Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. The fruit thereof shall be your meat, and the leaf your medicine.

Throughout the Old Testament and up to the time of Christ, there are numerous references to the value of oils. Perhaps during the Dark Ages and the burning of the libraries in Alexandria and other places, much of this knowledge was lost; and only through the cosmetic and perfume industry did this valuable science start to resurface. Anchored in Scripture: Recent excavation of the ancient city called Gilead, has unearthed the remains of a fortress like building used for the manufacture of balsam oil. This "balm of Gilead" noted in Jeremiah 8:22, had long been famous in antiquity for its nearly miraculous properties to HEAL WOUNDS. In fact, the balsam oil of Gilead was so famous that the conquering Roman emperor Titus (79-81 A.D.), after conquering Gilead, displayed branches from Gilead's balsam trees in his triumphal march through Rome. So precious was this oil to the commerce of Gilead, the exact manufacturing process was kept a closely guarded secret. So much so, archaeologists uncovered an inscription carved into the floor of a local synagogue that reads, "Whoever reveals the secret of the village to the gentiles, the one whose eyes roam over the entire earth and see's what is concealed will uproot this person and his seed from under the sun." (see Biblical Archaeology Review, Sep/Oct 1996 issue). 

Scripture References: Cedarwood (Cedrus Atlantica) - This oil is historically recognized for its purifying properties, and is used in avoiding hair loss, dandruff, acne, psorisis, arthritis, congestion, coughs, sinustitis, cystitis, and nervous tension.

Le 14:4, 6, 49, 51,52 Calamus

Ex 30:23 Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum) - Sri Lanka has been producing this oil for over 2,000 years. It is used in the Middle East and Orient for fighting viruses and infectious disease. Dr. J. C. Lapraz found that viruses could not live in the presence of cinnamon oil. Because of its high phenol content, it is best diluted before being applied on the skin. *

Ex 30:23, Pr 7:17, So 4:14 Coriander

Ex 16:31, Nu 11:17 Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii) - This is known as the "holy oil" in the Middle East, and was used religiously for thousands of years. It was well known for its healing powers in the time of Christ. It is now being researched and used therapeutically in European hospitals. It is anticatarrhal, prevents scarring, antitumoral, immune stimulating, and antidepressant. It is stimulating and elevating to the mind, and helps in overcoming depression.*Ex 30:34

So 3:6, 4:6, 14 Galbanum (Ferula Gummose) - This favorite oil of Moses, written about in the book of Exodus, was used for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. It is recognized for its antiviral properties and overall body strength and supporting properties. Alone, its frequency is low, but when combined with other oils, such as frankincense or sandalwood, the frequency increases dramtically. *

Ex 30:34 Hyssop (Hyssopus Officinalis) - Hyssop was used by Moses because of its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It opens the respiratory system and discharges toxins and mucous. It is anticararrhal, mucolytic, decongestant, antiasthmatic, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory of the pulmonary, regulates lipid metabolism and prevents scarring.

He 9:19Juniper (Juniperus Communis) -This oil my work as a detoxifier and cleanser, reducing dermatitis, eczema and acne. It has also been used to promote better nerve and kidney function. *

Job 30:4 Myrrh (Commiphora Molmol) - Myrrh is anti-infectious and supportive to the immune system. The Arabian people found it to be beneficial for skin conditions such as athletes foot, chapped and cracked skin, eczema, ringworm, wounds, and wrinkles. It was used to help with asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, gingivitis (gum infection), mouth ulcers, and sore throat. It may also help alleviate diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, and hemorrhoids. It also decongests the prostate and normalizes hyper-thyroid problems.

Jn 19:39 Myrtle (Myrius Communis)

Is 41:19, 55:13 Spikenard Biblical reference: Oil used to anoint the Savior. So 1, 1:12, 4:3, 4:13, 14

Mk 14:3 SPIKENARD (Nardostachys jatamansi) has also been known as “nard” and “false Indian Valerian root” oil. It was prized in early Egypt and in the Middle East during the time of our Savior. The amount of Spikenard that was poured on our Savior after the crucifixion would be worth almost $2,000.00 in today’s currency or a year’s wages for a common laborer in that time.

* From The Book of: Aromatherapy, The Essential Beginning, by Dr. Gary Young, N. D., 2nd Edition, 1996.

The Plagues of Europe Essential oils were not produced in Europe until the 12th century. Although Medieval Europeans lost touch with personal cleanliness, which helped bring on the great plagues of the 13th and 14th centuries, essential oils are still known and talked about in relationship to the thieves who robbed the bodies of the dead and were not infected. These robbers, known as spice traders and perfumers, bathed in such oils as pine, frankincense, balsam, clove, cinnamon and rosemary. Imagine the knowledge and trust they must have had in the oils, that they were willing to expose themselves to an otherwise certain death. Throughout early history, the ancients knew the value of essential oils. What happened to the information about these oils? Perhaps during the Dark Ages and the burning of the libraries in Alexandria and other places, much of this knowledge was lost. It has only been through the cosmetic and perfume industry that this valuable science has started to re-surface. One of the causes of disease in both plants and the human body is the inability of nutrients to penetrate the cell wall. Unless there is an adequate delivery agent to assist the cell to receive needed nutrients, the cell becomes deprived of nutrition, its wall thickens, preventing delivery of nutrients. This causes cell deterioration, leading to cell mutation, creating a host for bacteria and disease. If your food supplement program has seemingly hit a "wall of limitation," it may be for the above reason. One of the many incredible aspects of the oils is their amazing ability to penetrate and carry nutrients through the cell wall to the cell nucleus. They literally "fly" through the thickest cell walls. This is so due to the oxygenating molecules found in the oils which transport the nutrients, then delivers them through the cell for feeding the nucleus. The oils are nature's most effective catalyst and delivery agent for feeding cells.

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